Gratitude and Happiness: Appreciating the Small Things


by Lynda WallaceSandra Neil Wallace, and Rich Wallace

Lynda: Well, as he so often is, the Bard of Bikini Bottom was right when he tried to convince Squidward to get with the gratitude. The evidence is overwhelming that actively appreciating the good things in our lives can make a real difference in our happiness, and even in our health. So Rich and Sandra, let’s talk about some of the things that make our lives good that we might not always even notice, let alone actively appreciate.

Here’s one of mine. The garbage truck. Twice a week, it pulls up to the curb in front of my house early in the morning and a guy jumps out and takes my garbage away. The truck is noisy, and sometimes I have to go collect my garbage can lids from my neighbors’ lawns, but what tiny inconveniences those are as compared to having to figure out for myself what to do with our garbage. I suppose if I did, we’d be even better recyclers than we already are, but still, I appreciate that I don’t have to deal with our garbage and I appreciate the guys who do.

Rich: It’s good to hear that appreciating the under-appreciated is good for us! I’ve often wondered if I was going overboard when I look out at the yard and think “Wow, I’m so glad there are squirrels out there,” or “It’s so nice that the leaves are changing colors.” Continue Reading

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3 Responses to Gratitude and Happiness: Appreciating the Small Things

  1. Mary MacDougall says:

    NOt to mention the public health service garbage collection serves! can you imagine how dreadful things were that led up to the era of the plague???

  2. I never used to think about–or even notice–how good it feels to see someone smile. In a store, on the street, or in a classroom, if someone smiles, it’s contagious. It’s amazing how many smiles can be created from one happy face.

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